Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles Installation Instructions.

Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles Instructions.

Our Rubber interlocking floor tiles are the easiest rubber gym flooring to install on the market today.

Whether you are buying the tiles for a home gym, or a commercial or institutional location, these tiles are the ultimate Do-it-Yourself answer for gym, fitness center or weight room flooring.

Our rubber interlocking gym tiles come with very tight fitting snap together tabs that almost disappear when put together. These interlocking tabs allow for an easy installation that can be done by just about anyone.

Have you ever put the pieces of a puzzle together?

Installing our rubber interlocking tiles is about the same as putting a puzzle together without all the time spent looking for the pieces.

You simply start in the center of the room or along a wall and start snapping them together. No glue or adhesive is needed. You simply loose lay them on the floor and you are done.

Will they move once they are installed?

Absolutely not! These rubber interlocking floor tiles are made from recycled rubber and due to the size of the tiles and the quality of the interlocks, they simply do not move.

We have installed these rubber interlocking floor tiles in many large commercial facilities with great success. The best part is if you decide to move, you can pick up your rubber interlocking tiles and take with you.

No problem at all and they will not mark the surface they are over.

How are they installed?

The interlocking gym floor tiles can be installed in either an “area rug” installation or a wall to wall installation. Let’s take a look at both below.

Area Rug installation.

This type of installation is when you do not want to go wall to wall and you are interested in covering just a designated area. For example, lets say you have a gym with hard wood floors and you want to show the natural beauty of the floor while protecting them at the same time.

For this example you would lay our interlocking tiles under the fitness equipment using the corners, borders and center tiles. Using these tiles you can create almost any size that you need. The possibilities are almost endless.

To figure out just how many pieces of tile you need for your room, click on the link below for our Interlocking Rubber Tiles Calculator.


Click Here to use our Interlocking Rubber Tiles Calculator

Wall to wall installation.

For a wall to wall installation, you are laying the tiles to cover 100% of the room’s floor. Depending on the size of the room and how square the room is will determine if you start along a wall or start in the center of the room.

If you have a smaller room you can easily start along a wall using border tiles and corner tiles in the 2 corners. Once this row is completed you start on your second row using the center tiles and simply snap them together.

Continue this process until you reach your last row and determine if the tiles will fit or if they need to be trimmed. If they need to be trimmed please see below.

Trimming Rubber Interlocking Floor tiles.

These tiles are very easy to trim with a few simple tools. You will need a sharp utility knife or carpet knife, tape measure, metal straight edge and something to cut on such as a piece of plywood.

First make your measurements and determine where your cut will be. Next mark the tile with chalk and hold the metal straight edge against the marks.

Take your utility knife and run the blade along the straight edge several times until the knife cuts completely through the rubber tile. Do not try to cut through the entire thickness in one pass since it will not make a good edge.

It is always better to make several passes which will result in a clean, even cut.

Take your cut tiles and snap them together and you are done.

You have now just completed your rubber interlocking gym tiles installation and you are ready to start using your new sports floor.

If you have any questions please call us at 800-279-1693 and we will be happy to answer any questions.