Rubber Floor Tiles


Can I get rubber floor tiles instead of Rubber rolls or Interlocking tiles?

Of course you can! Look no further than Rubber Flooring Direct. Not only do we provide rolls and interlocking tiles, we also have 24” x 24” commercial quality Tiles that will make any public or private facility look great.

In fact, our rubber flooring tiles are perfect for institutional spaces such as schools or universities, commercial facilities such as offices, Federal Buildings, Banks and retail locations.

These tiles are extremely durable and will hold up under the toughest conditions.

What are the advantages of Rubber Flooring Tile over Rubber Rolls?

Since both the rolls and the tiles are made from the same 100% recycled SBR tire rubber combined with bright, colorful EPDM flecks, the material is identical but the installed look will be different.

The rolls will give you a seamless look and the Rubber Floor tiles will give you more of a traditional – tile look that many times fits better into institutional, retail and commercial spaces.

What colors are available in the tiles?

Our 24” x 24” tiles come in 28 colors and can also be custom made with an almost limitless palette of colors. Does your school or company have colors that are used in your team or corporate logo?

Just let us know what they are and we will match almost any color or we can design a custom color just for you. For a look at our custom colors click here.

How are the rubber tiles installed?

Our tiles are installed using a proprietary adhesive created by our manufacturer especially for our tiles and rolls. This adhesive spreads easily and gives you the perfect amount of tack time.


For Rubber Floor Tiles Installation Instructions Click Here

Can the tiles be sealed?

Yes they can! You can achieve a low gloss or a higher gloss look depending on the look you want.

For Complete Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions – Click Here

Rubber floor tiles are very versatile and can be used in practically any kind of space. For instance, if you  have a new retail outlet, then these rubber floor tiles will not only be easy to fit, they will take all the punishment your customers can give it.

Have a home gym and your floors are taking a pounding? Why not use these rubber floor tiles to soften the impact. These are just a couple of examples of how versatile these floor tiles can be.

It does not matter if it is a professional setting or a private one, these rubber floor tiles will look great no mater where you lay them.

These rubber floor tiles have a fantastic seamless look and have that traditional quality that will give you a professional look.

As well as being strong they look great too, and you must never underestimate the importance of how your floor looks. With nearly 30 different colors, we have the ability to make custom colors and designs! There is something for every need.

Why not order different colors to have your team’s logo on the floor or your company logo?

Have more questions? Let our our experts at Rubber Flooring Direct help you out. With over 15 years worth of experience, we will have you on track in no time.


What if I have additional questions?

Give the experts at Rubber Flooring Direct a call today and we will be happy to help answer all of your questions in a friendly helpful manner without any pressure at all.

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