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Recreation Rooms

Rubber is a versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly flooring option that’s suitable for many rooms in your home. But its performance characteristics make it particularly well-suited for the basement recreation room. It is a safe, long-lasting material that can handle the water, mold, stains, and humidity that can often be present in the below-grade world of the basement.

Made from recycled rubber tires, our rubber flooring rolls and tiles are very resistant to damage from furniture, equipment, or water. This inherent toughness means that a quality rubber floor can last for decades and look great doing it.

It provides a great deal of cushion—more so than hard flooring materials. This makes rubber flooring a great option for basement playrooms and exercise areas—spaces that benefit not only from rubber’s cushion but also its durability and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Available in rolls and tiles, our floors are easy to install and require no adhesive. Our interlocking rubber tiles click in together like puzzle pieces. They’re very easy to put together, can fit any space, and can be added at any time. Our rubber flooring rolls offer a seamless appearance and can be adhered to your concrete subfloor with double-faced tape for a secure fit. Not needing glue also means that you don’t have to worry about fumes filling the air in an enclosed space—and the rest of the house. For superb cushioning, consider our 1” thick rubber tiles that are installed using our dowel system.

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