Gym Protection

How to Order

We make it very easy for you when it comes time for you to place your Floor Guard order. Our commitment to our customers is to work with them every step of the way in order to assure you get the best gym protection and service available.

We start your order by getting the correct dimensions of your gym. For example, a standard gym will be 72 ft. wide by 102 ft. long. Since many gyms are different, you will need to determine exactly how much of the surrounding areas of the gym you will need to cover.

For example, if you have roll away bleachers will you want to use the covered gym with the bleachers in or out? If your plans are to use the gym cover only with the bleachers in their closed position, you will need to measure the gym with the bleachers closed. A safe bet is to order enough Floor Guard to cover the entire gym with the bleachers closed. This gives you the flexibility to hold an event, such as a graduation ceremony, and use the bleachers for seating or to make the gym one large banquet room with the bleachers closed.

The Floor Guard gym protection rolls are manufactured in 6 ft. widths and we usually make the rolls to cover the shortest length of the gym. The 6 ft widths makes it easy to store on end and easy to move.

72’ x 102’ Gym Example

For a 72’ x 102’ gym we would cut the rolls in the 72’ length so you would need 17 – 72’ length rolls.

By using the shorter lengths this also gives you the flexibility to cover just one section of your gym for smaller meetings or events and still be able to use the other end of the gym for sporting events.

Once the correct size and number of rolls have been determined, you will then need to select your color or colors. Our 9 standard neutral colors will compliment any facility and you are free to mix or match colors. Mixing colors will not change the price and can add a nice look to your facility.

The cost of your new Floor Guard will include everything you need for a complete Floor Guard system delivered to your facility. A 50% deposit is required when placing an order and most orders are manufactured and delivered in 4- 6 weeks.

First Installation.

We do not just sell you the product and disappear. We coordinate with you the delivery date and first installation date. Once we have picked a date, a Floor Guard representative will come to your gym and train your staff on installing the Gym Cover.

We always ship the material with a little extra length on each roll and your Floor Guard representative will do the final trimming and install the end caps at your location. We then work with your staff to cover all aspects of installation, setup, takedown, storage and maintenance to assure your Floor Guard will give you years of service.

Our goal is to make you very comfortable with the system. A happy customer is always a good referral.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 800-279-1693 and we will be happy help in any way possible.