Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers.

If your facility has a gym and you need more space for meetings, banquets, graduations or you would like to rent out the gym as a source of additional revenue, take a look at our covers – The perfect answer to increasing the usable space of your facility!

Gym Protect is different than the old fashioned vinyl or plastic covers that have been used for years. Gym Protect is a luxurious Berber covering that is made out of a very readily available recycled source; plastic water bottles.

It is not a carpet, but a very tough Berber carpet looking material made out of a light weight plastic polyester also know as P.E.T.

That’s right, the same material that all of the millions of water bottles are made out of. In fact, you may have one of those water bottles sitting on your desk as you read this web site. Just think of that same bottle instead of taking up space in a landfill, being recycled and turned into a beautiful and extremely durable floor cover.

Gym Protect will provide far more protection from chairs, tables, heels or equipment than any of the vinyl or plastic covers. Those covers are simply not thick enough to keep a ladies high heel or a chair leg from damaging the floor.

With Gym protect the material is thicker and inherently different than standard covers giving it superior dent, scratch and scrape protection over standard covers.