Gym Floor Covering

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Grambling University Gym Being set up for a rally. Before and After Gym Protect.

Turn your gym into a multi use facility with a gym floor covering like the reputable “Gym Protect” floor protection system.

Would your school, church, recreation or community center like to have more room for large events but you don’t have the budget or space available to build a new banquet or meeting room?

If this sounds like your situation, why not turn your existing gym into a multi use facility by simply installing our Gym Floor covering – Gym Protect floor protection system!

Our rubber gym flooring is not your standard, old fashioned gym floor cover made from large rolls of plastic or vinyl tarps.

Remember the blue or grey ones you have probably seen and that have been around for years. The ones that are usually, taped together and wrinkled. Remember those?

Our Gym Floor Covering is different from those tarps and is a light weight, easily installed, easily stored and portable covering that not only looks great but it is also a lot tougher and will open up new opportunities  to use your gym as a multi use facility.

You have the gym, you have the parking and the faculties so why not get the most out of gym and use it for non sporting events Not only will it open up opportunities within your organization, Gym Protect will also give you the ability to rent out your gym and create additional income for your organization.

Take a look at a few of the potential uses that Gym Protect will allow to use your gym for:



Trade Shows,




Polling places,


Fund raising Bazaars and Fairs

Dances and more.


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University Of Missouria at Kansas City. Set up for a graduation ceremony

Before Gym Protect you would not dare have a trade show in your gym for fear that the court floor would be damaged.

Now within a few minutes the gym floor can be easily covered and protected without any worry about damage.

Not only will our cover protect your floor, it looks great as well and creates a visually appealing facility for all of your events.

Give us a call today at 800-279-1693 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Gym Protect.

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We know your gym floor all shined up and polished can be the pride and joy of your facility. Last thing you would want to do is risk getting your gym floor all scratched and scraped and even dents put in it. You may even have your own logo on your gym floor, and you definitely don’t want to risk scratching that.

Downside to this is that your facility is missing out on extra revenue from things such as being available to host well paying trade shows, concerts, markets and banquets just to name a few. With our amazing gym floor covering you will be able to host all of these events and more.

Gone are the days of the wrinkly ugly sheets that were used as floor protection that actually offered very little protection. Our  rubber gym flooring not only will keep your gym floor looking great, but the covering looks fantastic itself on your floor for the big event.

You may have always wanted to make some extra revenue but the fear or spoiling your gym floor has kept you from it. Put all these fears aside when you use our not only practical but great looking gym floor covering.

Not only that but our gym floor covering is also very quick to set up. You could get a last minute booking for a meeting in your gym and within a few moments you can have your floor covered and protected.

This is a top value and very durable product and if you have any questions our team of devoted staff are here to help you with whatever questions you may have.

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