Gym Floor Cover Installation

So Easy Even a Child Can Do It!

Gym Floor Cover Installation instructions.

When the Gym Protect floor protection system was designed, one of the most important goals was to create a system that was very easy and quick to install. Our gym cover installation process is so easy that it can be done by one person in a minimal amount of time.

We start by taking the dimensions of your gym and creating a layout that will determine the number of rolls and the length of each roll. Each roll is them numbered and you are given a gym floor cover installation diagram.

This easy to follow diagram will show you exactly where to start and where each roll goes. Simply start by setting out the rolls at one end or side of the gym as shown in the photo below.


Next, start with roll #1 and unroll the entire length of the roll making sure the roll is straight and parallel with the length or width of the gym depending on the direction the rolls are going. This is the most important roll since all of the other rolls build off of the #1 roll. After the #1 roll is positioned properly, you can move on to roll #2.


Ok, so the tough part is done. Not bad at all.

Next start rolling out #2, #3, and #4 etc… until the entire floor is covered. Next take the 4” Velcro roll and run it down the middle of each seam connecting the pieces together. It couldn’t be easier.

Congratulations! You have just completed your gym floor cover installation! Now you are ready to start moving in the tables, chairs, trade show booths or whatever else you will be using for your event without a single worry of damaging your gym floor. Not only does Gym Protect keep your gym floor in new condition, it looks great and really dresses up the gym to make your event look more professional or formal.


Removing Gym Protect

Simply reverse the process starting with the last roll and continue on through to the last roll. As each roll is completed, stand the roll up at the end or side of the gym in the same order as they were installed. This will allow you to return the rolls to storage in the same order as they were installed. Last roll out of storage should be the first roll back into storage.