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Rubber Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we have the answers you need.

If you do not find the question or answers you are looking for, please call 800-279-1693 and a Rubber Flooring Direct representative will be happy to assist you.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Ideally, it is best to install rubber flooring over a hard surface such as concrete or wood. However, if the carpet is (an extremely) low and tight pile, it is possible to install on top of it – but it needs to be a hard, tight pile carpet. In most cases, we recommend removing the carpet before your rubber rolls, 1” tiles, or interlocking tiles are installed.

Installing rubber rolls, tiles, or interlocking tiles directly over soft carpet increases the likelihood of injury because the surface is uneven and unstable. Rubber tiles will come apart at the seams and rubber rolls will lift, move, or ripple. Not to mention, the heaviness of the rubber flooring and exercise equipment will flatten and potentially ruin your carpet.

Our material is made in the United States from the highest quality recycled rubber. At first, our flooring will have a low odor. But in time, the odor will fade once the room and flooring have had the opportunity to air out. Cleaning the floor with water and a mild detergent will also help.

All rubber flooring will smell. However, some rubber flooring products smell stronger than others, depending upon the type of raw material used or how the flooring was made. Buy the wrong floor, and yes, it will be hard to rid the smell of rubber from your fitness space.

Yes. Our rubber tiles are among the easiest flooring materials to install. Our interlocking tiles fit together like puzzle pieces, offering a genuine do-it-yourself installation without the need for any special adhesives. While our 1” thick rubber tiles use a system of dowel pins that hold the tiles together. If you have a utility knife, a straightedge, and a tape measure, chances are you can install your own rolled rubber flooring.  Correctly install your flooring with our easy-to-follow instructions for rubber rolls, 1″ tiles, and interlocking tiles.

When measuring a room to calculate the length of rolls needed to cover the area, first section off the room into squares to calculate the total square feet of the room. See the picture below for a visual example.

Sample Room dimensions

  1. Indoor Cycling (Spin) Room: 15′ x 15′ = 225 square feet.
  2. Cardio Room: 20’ x 20’ = 400 square feet.
  3. Weight room: 25’ x 25’ = 625 square feet.

Total square feet = 225+400+625 or 1,250 square feet.

If you wish to calculate the actual number of rolls you will need, contact us at

Yes, our rubber flooring can be installed in your garage gym. But which is the best home gym flooring for a garage? The answer lies in the type of workouts you perform and/or the equipment that you use in your garage gym. Weightlifting and CrossFit training require different gym flooring than say someone doing an at-home workout pinned on Pinterest, HIIT, or even yoga with light weights. The size of your garage workout area and your budget also affect which rubber flooring type is best suited. This in mind, email us at and we will discuss the different options available based on the workouts you plan to do, including our own recommendations for the best gym flooring for your garage or home.

Your product review and feedback matter to us, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to leave a review! About three weeks after you’ve made your Rubber Flooring Direct purchase, we will send you an email that will allow you to post a product review or share your shopping experience on our Web site.

Helpful tips to submit a review:

  • Log into your Rubber Flooring Direct account. Need an account? It’s easy to activate. Click on “Login/Register” in the upper right-hand corner of the Web site. Enter your email and preferred password.
  • Access your order history and click on the product you wish to review.
  • On the product page, locate the “Reviews” tab or click on the link beside the star rating.
  • Complete the form and click submit.

What if my question is not in the above rubber flooring FAQ?

You are welcome to call us at 800-279-1693, email us at with your question, or you can click on the link below to go to our contact page. We will be happy to get back to you within a very short amount of time.

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