Rubber Playground Tiles

Solid Colored Tiles

Our solid colored rubber playground tiles come in 5 colors. Black, Blue, Green ,Red and Grey.


160-blackpig 160-bluepig 160-greenpig
Solid Black Solid Blue Solid Green
160-greypig 160-redpig Solid Tiles available in:1″ (Not Rated)2 1/2″ (6ft fall)

3 3/4″ (8ft fall)

4 1/4″ (8ft fall)

Solid Grey Solid Red Thickness and Fall Height

Playground Tiles:

Our standard tiles come in 5 solid colors; black, red, blue, grey and green. The solid color rubber playground tiles are our most economical tiles and are made from 100% recycled rubber.

We also have a large line of colored tiles including over 16 others as well as our full custom line.

These tiles are made in a very convenient 24” x 24” size and come in a variety of thicknesses form ½” all the way up to 4 ¼”.

The colors can be interchanged or mixed to create a unique pattern or you could use solid colors with a logo, lettering or even a hop scotch in the middle.

What thickness do I need?

The thickness you need depends entirely on the height of the play equipment on your playground. Simply take the highest location that a child could stand on and measure from there to the surface below.

If it is 6’ high you will need rubber playground mats that are 2 /12” thick. If it is 8’ high you will need the 3 ¾” or 4 ¼” tile etc.

What about the 1” thick tile? Does it have a fall rating?

No, the 1” tile is to be used in areas that do not have high playground equipment. For example, they are great for preschool yards or home decks or patios where the child will not be falling from a high structure but you still want to reduce or prevent them from injury during normal play.

How are these tiles installed?

They can either be doweled together in some cases or they can be installed using a full spread of our adhesive.

How long will they last?

These tiles will last for years and with a little maintenance, they will continue to look good for many years to come. We have tiles installed for over 10 years and they are still looking good.

A lot depends on how often they are cleaned and how much use they have. Of course, like anything else, a playground that is visited by 10 kids a day will last longer than a playground that has 100 kids visit it per day.

Are these tiles certified?

Yes they are. Call us at 800-279-1693 to make sure if they are right for your playground needs.