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rubber_mats_thickHigh-quality rubber mats are a must-have when it comes to working out. Whether it be a health club, physical therapy center, or a home gym, our mats are perfect for keeping those heavy weights from ruining a floor.

Concrete floors become chipped and cracked from the pounding weight machines or plates inflict on them.

Rubber Flooring Direct provides high-quality mats at a great price, and our inventory and selection of colors are unmatched.

Heavy-duty mats can be used for:

  • free weightsHumane_MFG1
  • bench press
  • dumbbell areas
  • upper and lower body machines
  • exercise machines
  • treadmills
  • and any other piece of equipment that needs a mat under it.

Contact Rubber Flooring Direct today and we’ll get you set up quickly with the right mat for your application. We’ll help you size it and we’ll help you select the best color.

Our staff of trained professionals offers the friendliest service you’ll find, and we’ll get your mats right out to you.

Some color samples:


Some color samples:

blueinter redinter
greeninter whiteinter

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One thing to think about is this: Just how bad does a gym or even a home gym look when it has wooden floors that have big scratches and dents from weights being put on them?

Even exercise equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers, and so on take their toll on wooden floors. Even concrete floors are prone to damage from exercise equipment.

The other problem is that a hard surface does not allow for differences in floor and equipment balance levels /heights when it is first assembled and put in place, so you can easily end up with a minute rocking motion when working out on your floor set equipment.  It is annoying and can also create irritating noises when using floor equipment.

Our selection of different sizes of rubber mats will provide your floor with the protection it needs no matter how much use the rubber mats get. As well as the different thickness of mats we also have a range of colors to suit any professional gym, physical therapy center,  commercial health club or even your home. There is a design that will suit whatever your needs are.

It is easy to think that your wooden or concrete floors are immune to the heavy weight or the grind of exercise machines on them but they can only take so much. For a professional gym or health center, it can be very off-putting for a new client when your floor is covered in scratches and dents.  These mats will give you a nice sleek professional look and can take all the heavy usage of the weights equipment.

Our trained professionals are here to help you figure out which style of rubber mats will best suit your professional or home needs.

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