Rubber Flooring Adhesive

What do you recommend for rubber flooring adhesive?

There are several brands on the market that work well as a rubber flooring adhesive including adhesives made by Bostick, Henry’s and Mapei.

The key is to find an adhesive that is moisture cured urethane.

If you are in a pinch and you need the adhesive quickly or you are just a little short on your install, you can go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and pick up some adhesive.

Just take a look on the adhesive and make sure that it is a one part, moisture cured urethane that is solvent free and non toxic.

You can often find these adhesives labeled as wood plank adhesives.

Note: These are only suggestions and Rubber Flooring Direct does not guarantee any of the above suggestions or products.

Do you carry an adhesive?

Yes we do.

We carry a one part Polyurethane that has been specially formulated for indoor and outdoor use. It is a permanent adhesive and is moisture cured.

Installers love this adhesive since it is very easy to work with and is more forgiving than many of the other rubber flooring adhesives on the market.

How does it spread?

Our adhesive has an extremely smooth consistency which  creates great spread ability and and allows for ample coverage. It is one of the best adhesives on the market.

What type of a trowel do I use?

For rubber flooring tiles and rolls, we recommend a 1/16” square notched trowel. It is often easier to buy a throw away trowel. When you are done laying your floor you simply throw it away.

If you want to purchase a higher quality trowel you can clean the trowel with mineral spirits when you are finished.

Is mixing the adhesive required?

No, this flooring adhesive comes in one part – ready to use – right out of the can. You don’t have to stir or mix it.

How much will it cover?

The standard is 90 sq ft per gallon. The amount of coverage you experience will largely depend on the flooring surface.  In addition, it depends on the porosity of the surface. Wood will often absorb more of the adhesive than concrete will.

We have seen concrete floors that are old and very dry that will also use up more adhesive.

A good rule of thumb is the 90 sq ft per square foot but if your installation is close in size to the amount of adhesive you have, it is often a good idea to buy some extra.

For example, let’s say you have just purchased rubber flooring rolls for an 1875 square foot installation.

The big question is will 4 – 5 gal cans be enough to cover the entire 1875 square feet. Good question!

Let’s start by multiplying the amount of gallons of adhesive you have by 90.

In the above example we purchased 20 gallons of rubber flooring adhesive total. 20 x 90 = 1800 square feet of coverage. Will this be enough?

This is a very hard question to answer without knowing the sub floor you are going over. If the floor is extremely dry or is wood you will probably need to buy more adhesive but in many cases you can take a little extra time and spread the adhesive a little thinner and have plenty to cover.

Give us a call at 800-279-1693 and we will be happy discuss this with you.

How do I determine the moisture in my floor?

By doing a simple, moisture vapor emission test. This is also known as a Calcium Chloride test.

To read more about the Calcium Chloride Test, Click on the Link below.


For the Calcium Chloride Test – Click Here

Does the rubber flooring adhesive smell?

Our adhesive has a very low odor that will not stop you from using the room at all.

It is extremely installer friendly and once the flooring is down, you will never smell it again unlike some epoxy adhesives that can smell for a long time.

Note: You can call 800-279-169 and speak to a rubber flooring representative who is an expert in all aspects of sports flooring.

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