Recycled Rubber Flooring

100% Recycled Rubber Flooring made in the United States.

Why do we make our flooring from Rubber that has been recycled?

We make it this way simply because it makes fantastic sports flooring. The result is flooring that is incredibly tough, good looking, and great for the environment as well.

We choose to use recycled over virgin rubber flooring due to the high quality of flooring that can be made this way. New or Virgin rubber, in our opinion, simply does not make as durable of a floor as recycled rubber sports flooring. If you take a look at a gym after 5 years with our flooring and compare it to a gym that is 2 years old with virgin rubber, the recycled rubber flooring will look better and less scuffed every time.

So along with making great weight room, gym and fitness center flooring, equine pavers, playground mats, and roof and patio tiles, there is a tremendous benefit to the environment which we have listed below.

Old tires in forest

Tires dumped by the side of the road. This is a significant problem all across rural America.

Tires will last for many, many years, and create a visual and health nuisance.

We have broken it down into 5 main reasons why we believe in recycling.

  1. Recycling rubber saves our natural resources. – By creating and making products from recycled rubber materials instead of virgin or new materials, we conserve our precious natural resources including land, and reduce the need for oil.
  2. Recycling saves energy. – It almost always takes less energy to make recycled products than new ones. Recycled rubber takes far less energy to make than new or vulcanized rubber.
  3. Recycling saves clean air and water. – In almost all cases, recycling rubber into recycled rubber gym floors, rubber mats, and recycled rubber playgrounds creates far less air pollution and water pollution. Our manufacturing process does not use any water and the manufacturing plants are all smokestack free facilities.
  4. Recycling rubber saves Landfill space. – With our ever-increasing population and need for land, Landfill space is becoming more scarce especially near big cities. By reducing the amount of waste delivered to landfills each day through recycling, we greatly increase the life span of the dump, therefore significantly decreasing the need for landfills. Tires especially are not desired at landfills due to their large volumes and are made up of 75% void space which quickly consumes valuable space. Tires can also trap methane gases causing them to become buoyant, or “bubble” to the surface. This “bubbling” effect can damage landfill liners that have been installed to help landfill containment from polluting local surface and groundwater.
  5. Recycled rubber flooring saves money and creates jobs. –  The recycling process is responsible for creating many more jobs than landfills or incinerators and recycling can frequently be the least expensive waste management method for cities and towns.

Tire Recycling.

Tire recycling is the process of grinding vehicle and truck tires that are no longer suitable for use on cars or trucks due to wear or non-repairable damage. These tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability.

Those same characteristics which make waste tires such a problem also make them one of the best re-used waste materials since it results in recycled rubber flooring that is very resilient and can be made into many types of products including gym and weight room flooring.

Most importantly, recycling rubber tires helps ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for our future generations.

How many tires are recycled each year?

It is estimated that the United States alone disposes of approximately 1 tire per person per year. With an estimated population of 305 million people in the United States, that is a heck of a lot of tires.

If we can take a good percentage of those tires and turn them into something useful, instead of dumping them, everyone wins and we save our precious natural resources for future generations.

The process of grinding and recycling rubber tires leaves us with a very clean crumb rubber that has been washed and cleaned through several processes. This in turns makes recycled rubber flooring and rubber sports flooring that is extremely clean, durable, and good looking.

We remove all the fibers, steel belts, and impurities and use only the finest and cleanest ground rubber to make all of our recycled rubber flooring products.

So next time you are on the highway and see a semi-truck piled high with scrap tires, take a good look at it and think about what a fantastic program it is that takes those old scrap tires and recycles them and instead of taking them to the dump, turns them into rubber gym, rubber weight room and sports flooring that is clean, durable, and great looking.

We here at are very proud of our contribution to a cleaner tomorrow.

Let’s work together to do our part to help keep our environment clean. It may be a small part but when you order flooring from us, you are helping to keep a good number of scrap tires form going to the landfill and getting the finest recycled rubber flooring available on the market today.

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