Playground Surfacing

These rubber skinned molded tiles have the best wear and UV resistence available.

Playground surfacing:

Do you have other playground surfacing colors other than the 5 standard pigmented tiles?

Yes, we have 8 bright colors in our Festival Line and 8 speckled colors in our Play Line. Take a look at the wide variety of colors below.

Festival Line

Blue Blue Red Grey Purple
Green Orange Tan
Available in 2 1/2″ Thick and 4 1/4″ thick.6′ and 8′ Fall Height Certified
Grey Carmel Thickness and Fall Height

What is different about these tiles compared to the standard tiles?

The Festival and Sports Lines is a playground surfacing tile that is a little different from the standard pigmented tiles. These tiles have a patented 3mm, pre manufactured top layer that is designed to work as an incredibly tough wear layer. This top layer provides a uniform and extremely durable top layer that will last for years. The colors are throughout the wear layer so you will never see a loss of color in the wear layer due to abrasion or long term wear.

By using this wear layer, we are also able to provide an almost unlimited range of possibilities when it comes to design options. Not only can you combine different colored tiles to make an exciting design, you can also have an almost limitless choice of custom colors that will meet your design needs.

A few of the benefits of these tiles are:

  1. They have a higher UV and fade resistance level than standard pigmented tiles or EPDM top tiles.
  2. The tiles are 20% denser than standard or EPDM tiles which greatly contribute to the long life and wear ability of the tiles.
  3. Has 6’ and 8’ critical height rating per ASTM F1292-04 and is IPEMA certified.
  4. Wider range of design possibilities and options than other playground tiles

How are these tiles installed?

Our Festival and Sports Line playground tiles are installed using a special adhesive that is designed to stand up to the elements. The tiles can be installed over concrete, asphalt or a loose base that has been covered with a Geo – Textile fabric.

Do you have ADA ramps for your playground surfacing?

Yes, we have both reducer strips that you use when you are installing the tiles on the top of existing concrete or asphalt and we also have ADA (American’s with Disability Act) approved ramps. These ADA ramps are required to have 12” of ramp for every 1” of height of the surface above grade level. This means if you had a 3” tile above your cement you would have to have a 36” ramp to be ADA playground compliant.

What if we install the tiles below grade?

A great way to install your tiles is to have your sub base, however many inches your tiles are, below the surrounding grade level. Meaning the top of the tiles are the same height as your surrounding cement, asphalt, or grass area. This type of installation does not require any ADA ramps since the top of the safety surface is level with the entry points.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of options for your playground surfacing needs. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions as well as provide you with our product certifications.