Outdoor Rubber Playground Mats

Outdoor Rubber Playground Mats.

Our Play Line of outdoor rubber playground mats is more than just a molded rubber playground tile. They are an incredibly tough and UV fade resistant tile that is different from the other molded tiles on the markets.

How are they different?

These outdoor playground mats have a built in 3mm thick rubber EPDM wear layer that is much tougher than standard molded tiles.

This wear layers is manufactured in the same way that our weight room flooring is made and the result is a much tighter and durable surface than regular molded tiles

In fact, the wear layer provides a 20% denser surface than poured in place rubber playground surfacing or other manufactures outdoor playground rubber mats.

How will they hold up to the elements?

Thanks to the tough wear layer, these tiles will hold up better than almost all of the other options for playground surfacing. These tiles are UV stable and will keep looking great for years.


Play Line Colors

Solid Black Blue Grey
Solid Red Blue Grey Yellow
Play Line Tiles available in:

1″ (Not Rated)

2 1/2″ (6ft fall)

3 3/4″ (8ft fall)

4 1/4″ (8ft fall)

Gold Yellow Grey Thickness and Fall Height


Do you have other color options?

Yes we do. We have a wide variety of colors as well as the capability to make custom colors and designs.

In addition to our play line displayed on this page, we also have our standard pigmented tiles as well as our festival line of colors. Click on the links below to see our standard pigmented tiles and our festival line.


For Solid Color Tiles Click Here

For our Festival Line Click Here

Do you carry all the accessories for these tiles?

We have everything you need to make your playground surface safe, fun and visually appealing. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 800-279-1693.