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Our interlocking rubber floor tiles are the perfect choice if you are looking for a gym, weight room, or sports floor and want something easy to install, looks great, and is super tough.

It is also great if in the future you want to move the gym to another room, a new studio, a new house, or another commercial location and want a floor that you can take with you!

When you walk into a room or a gym with our tiles installed, you do not see a room full of individual puzzle looking pieces. Our seams are so tight that the floor looks as though it was one large piece of rubber. Our customers are amazed at how seamless the tiles look once installed. 

These 24″ x 24″ x 3/8″ thick, interlocking floor tiles are the perfect solution for not only those smaller spaces but also for any place that you don’t want to tape or use a full spread of adhesive to install.

The tiles are designed to be loose laid, so no adhesive or double-stick tape is required.

Not only are they easy to install, but they are also tough enough to stand up to even the most demanding commercial applications such as schools, commercial gyms, military bases, recreation centers, and physical therapy centers that have our tiles installed.

Not only do they look great, but they will also withstand years of abuse under the harshest conditions.

Question: “Do you have a size that will fit my gym?”

Answer: Yes we do. Our Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles allow you to install a gym floor in just about any size and configuration to fit your needs.

You can choose a wall-to-wall layout for 100% coverage or you could choose what is called a “rubber mat” layout.

For example, if you had a gym with wood or tile floors, you could put our interlocking tiles under the exercise equipment and leave other areas open to show off the wood or tile.

The versatility of these tiles allows you to create the perfect sports floor for your space. The size combinations are endless.

Click here to take a look at some rubber mat size examples

Question: “How many types of tiles are there?”

Interlocking Corner Tile

rubb - Center Tile

Interlocking Center Tile

Border Tile

Interlocking Border Tile

Answer: Our interlocking rubber floor tiles come in a choice of corner tiles, border tiles, or center tiles. You can use our interlocking rubber floor tiles calculator to determine the number of each type of tile that you need.  Simply enter the dimensions of your room and in seconds the calculator does all of the work and tells you the exact number that you need.


Question: “Will the tiles damage my existing floor?”

Answer: No they won’t. Another great benefit of the interlocking rubber tiles is that they will protect hardwood, tile, cement, or resilient floors and will not leave any residue or scuff marks once the tiles are removed.

Thanks to our manufacturing process our rubber tiles will breathe and allow trapped moisture to evaporate, making the underlying floor and the gym or homeowner happy.

Question: “What are the tiles made from?”

Answer: These tiles are made from the same commercial quality rolled rubber athletic flooring that is used in most of the large nationwide commercial gym chains.

The rolled rubber is then die-cut into 24″ x 24″ interlocking tiles. They are tough enough for a commercial facility with hundreds of members a day working out on them.

Question: “What colors are available?”

Answer: Our Interlocking Rubber floor tiles come Stock in solid black, blue speck, grey speck, tan speck, and red brick speck. These tiles are always in stock and ship within 24 hours after the order is placed. We can cut the tiles in any of our other colors as well. The non-stock tiles are cut to order and we can usually ship them in about a week.

10100-jet-black 10101-gray-hound 10102-jayz-blue
10104-titan-tan 10105-firestorm-red

Question: How Are These Tiles Installed?”

Answer: “There are many qualified contractors that can install your rubber flooring for you. Give us a call at 800-279-1693 if you would like us to help you locate several for you to choose from in your area.

If you want to install your own tiles, click here for installation instructions.

If you have questions during your installation you can call one of our installation support specialists for the help you need.

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