Installing Rolled Rubber Flooring

Installing Rolled Rubber Flooring

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A lot of customers want to install the rubber rolls themselves so they ask us what are the secrets and tricks to installing rolled rubber flooring?

After numerous requests, we have put together the following photo instruction page which we hope will make the installation process a little easier to understand. At the bottom of this page are the links to pages showing how to install Rubber Tiles, Interlocking Tiles and the other rubber flooring products available on the site.  


For our example, we are using a small workout room in a National Hotel chain. The room was carpeted, requiring the normal room preparation to be completed before installation could begin. The carpet and cove base was removed, and the subfloor was prepped and cleaned thoroughly before the installation can begin.

Rubber Flooring Adhesive Photo

The first roll is cut and dry laid in place.

The roll should be rough-cut (about one foot longer than needed), allowing excess material to run up the walls at both ends. This is done to allow the rolls to relax, and acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the room for the best fit. This also allows the installers to make accurate trim cuts at each end for proper fit and installation.Please note, we recommend ordering roll lengths slightly longer (about a foot) to accommodate for trimming that needs to take place.Dry rolling out the rest of the room. Allow the rubber flooring to acclimate to the room.Make sure the rolls are tightly butted up next to each other and check to make sure the rolls are smooth and without wrinkles.You must take your time to lay the room out properly; be extra careful to make sure the seams are good and tight.

Once your rolls are dry laid and acclimated to the room, you can start the end trimming process as shown below.

Rubber Flooring Roll Installation Rubber Gym Flooring Installation Rolled Rubber Flooring Installation






Once you are happy with your layout you can start trimming the ends to fit. You will need a standard utility knife, also known as a razor knife, several sharp new blades and a metal tape straight edge. Determine where your cut needs to be and using the metal straight edge as a guide, make several passes through the rubber flooring roll with each pass going a little deeper into the rubber. The key to making a good cut is to not cut the rubber all in one pass but to make several passes until you are all the way through with a nice clean cut.You must keep your utility knife sharp so replace the blade as needed.A dull blade will drag through the rubber and will not provide you with a clean edge.

Once you have made all of your cuts and your rolls are where you want them to be, it is now time to start spreading the adhesive.

Rubber Flooring rolls Installation photos Cutting Rubber Flooring


Spreading the Adhesive

To begin spreading your adhesive, fold back half of the width of the first roll exposing roughly 2 feet of your subfloor (the entire length of your roll). Notice in this group of photos the installer has folded just the first roll (back) about 2 feet from the wall. You do not want to fold the rolls back lengthwise, this makes it harder to get the rolls back in position once the adhesive is spread. For installing rolled rubber flooring, you want to use a 1/16″ Square Notched Trowel. Using a larger notched trowel, such as a 1/8″ trowel, will spread too much adhesive and you will have problems with the adhesive coming through the seams.We recommend using a wide-blade putty knife to get the adhesive out of the pail and onto the floor in order to help keep your  1/16″ notched trowel clean for spreading the adhesive. Spread the adhesive in a thin layer, b careful not to get any on the adhesive the finished side of the roll.

Be careful not to spread the adhesive too thick and avoid puddling of the adhesive.

Continue spreading the adhesive until you have neatly covered the entire 2′ exposed section of your subfloor.

Your adhesive should look something like the last photo in this section.

Rubber Flooring Adhesive Rubber roll adhesive Rolled Rubber adhesive



Setting the roll into the wet adhesive.

After the adhesive has set for 15 – 25 minutes depending on temperature and humidity (Please refer to the adhesive manufactures recommendations regarding set time), fold back the 2 feet width of roll into the adhesive. Be sure to make all adjustments before the adhesive fully sets.

Installing rubber flooring Rolled Ruber instllation rubber flooring install with adhesive


After the first half of the first roll is set, fold back (at the seam) the other half of the first roll, and half of the second roll as shown in the photos. This should expose approximately a 4′ wide section of your subfloor. At this point, you can start to cover some ground very quickly. Once the adhesive is applied, fold the first roll back into place, followed by the first half of the second roll. Remember, once the first 2 feet of the first roll is set, and adhered, you will be opening up half of each adjoining roll at each seam so you will be setting one half of the width of each adjoining roll. Rubber Rolls Install rolls of rubber being insalled weight room flooring installation Setting rubber flooring into adhesive


Set one half of each roll into the adhesive.

Take extra care to butt-up each roll as tightly together as possible to prevent gaps in the seams. When rolled rubber flooring is installed properly, the seams should become almost invisible.

Setting rubber into adhesive rolled rubber install rubber weight room flooring installation weight room rubber flooring being installed



The Finished Floor

All they need to do is to install the cove base and some wall repair and they will be ready to move the fitness equipment back into the gym and the gym will be ready for the guests to enjoy. As you can see, Installing rolled rubber flooring is not that difficult once you know a few of the installer’s tricks.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help in any way that we can. 800-279-1693

Finished rubber gym floor Rubber Gym Floor


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