Home Gym Flooring Choices

4 Easy Steps To Choosing the Right One for You

If you are tired of dragging yourself to the gym and love the idea of getting a high quality workout in the comfort of your home, a home gym may be right for you.

To get started you must first decide on which of the many home gym flooring choices best fits your space and your needs. With so many types of home gym flooring choices available this can be a confusing task.

To decide which flooring best fits your needs simply follow the 4 easy steps below.

  1. First, what are your fitness goals? Are you looking for a basic gym and want to put an elliptical or treadmill in the corner of a bedroom? In this case, all you will need is a simple rubber or foam equipment mat to go under the equipment in order to protect the floor. If your goal is to create a full workout room with cardio and strength equipment you will need to cover a larger area and look at a more durable rubber floor such as the ones commonly used in commercial gyms.
  2. Next you will need to decide on the look you are trying to achieve. Is it important to you if your home gym matches the colors and design of your home or is it going to be in the corner of the garage or basement where functionality is far more important than design? There are rubber flooring options that range from basic black to bright colors that can match almost any decor.
  3. Now it is time to look at the budget. Since there is such a wide range of home gym floor options a few simple rules apply. Generally the thicker the flooring and the brighter or bolder the colors the more expensive it is. Solid black rubber flooring and mats are the least expensive and usually made from recycled material. Usually these mats and flooring come 3/8” thick which a good choice for home gyms.
  4. Last but not least you need to decide on your method of installation. Are you looking for a do it yourself project or hiring a professional installer? For a DIY project, interlocking rubber floor tiles are a perfect choice and can be installed quickly and easily. For rolled gym flooring, it is a little more complicated and many people choose to have it professionally installed although an individual with basic home repair skills can do it as well.

In summary, the flooring in your home gym is the first step in creating a comfortable and functional home work out area. You have a lot of home gym flooring choices and there is a floor available for every budget.

Take the time to learn about the pros and cons of each type of flooring and the end result will be a home gym floor that provides you with good looks and years of use.