Artificial Grass Turf

Set your facility apart by installing one of our many options of Artificial Grass Turf.

Our turf is perfect for speed and agility training, floor and group exercise, fitness boot camps, sports fields and arenas, gyms, athletic facilities, Crossfit, sled pulling and batting cages. Not only is our turf tough, it will last for many years under the harshest conditions and look great as well.

Artificial Grass

We have Grass Turf made from Polypropylene or Polyethylene and we also have a nylon turf that is used exclusively for putting greens. Our carpet style padded, unpadded or infill Artificial Turf is made from only the highest quality and realistic yarns which gives it the real turf look and feel.

Many of our Speed and Agility and Sports Training facilities will install artificial grass and marry it right next to our Rubber Flooring.

This creates not only a great looking gym or training facility, it also creates a very functional training space with the rubber areas being used for equipment and weights and the Artificial turf is being used for Sports Performance training, group classes, sled pulling, stretching and more!


We have sizes in both the rubber and the artificial turf that will match up right next to each other so you do not have to use any unsightly transitions or dividers. This combination of Rubber Flooring and Artificial Turf will maximize your training space and set you apart from you competitors.

Our Plant

Our plant is set up to custom stitching and inlays of any type and we can combine several colors to meet your needs. Probably our most popular inlay is field line striping with hash marks and yard line numbers.

By inlaying white lines in green turf it greatly enhances  the look of the turf and upgrades the look of your facility. We can inlay anything from letters and numbers, track lines, ladders, circles and just about anything else you may want.


We have turf in many different thicknesses and densities which means we have the proper turf for your needs. From light weight temporary Artificial Grass Turf to heavy duty turf that will hold to metal cleats, we have it all and at the best prices and service possible!

Call Rubber Flooring Direct today and we will answer any of your questions regarding Athletic flooring and help you with your layout and choose the best material to fit your needs and your budget.

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