Rubber Flooring Rolls | Color Samples

We carry a wide range of rubber flooring rolls in many popular colors, from solid black to custom-blended colors to match your gym or corporate facility.

Solid black is always the least expensive with prices increasing incrementally, depending on the increase of color content added to the black base. Our standard colors range from solid black, 10% color through 95% color blends. The 10% color mix content is a standard in the fitness industry and make up a large percentage of the commercial rubber flooring sales in both the United States and Canada.

Below are our standard color choices for Rolled Rubber Flooring. They are shown in the FOUR CATEGORIES which are the percentages of color chips used with the black base ranging from 10% to 95% color. We can also combine various colors to match your corporate or gym rubber flooring colors.

To view a larger sample click on the color chip in the columns below, and you will be directed to a larger detailed view of the selected color.

10% Color Series 20% Color Series 35% Color Series 95% Color Series
Solid Black

Solid Black

Blue 20%

20% Blue

Red and Gray 35%

35% Red & White

Brown and Tan 95%

95% Brown & Tan

Gray 10%

10% Gray

Bright Red 20%

20% Bright Red

Green 35%

35% Green

Dk Gray 95%

95% Dk Gray

Blue 10%

10% Blue

Lt Gray & White 20%

20% Lt Gray & White

Gray 35%

35% Lt Blue & Gray

Lt Gray 95%

95% Lt Gray

Blue Gray 10%

10% Blue Gray

Brown & Tan 20%

20% Brown & Tan

Tan & Brown 35%

35% Tan & Brown

Yellow 10%

10% Yellow

Gray & White 20%

20% Gray & White

Blue & White 35%

35% Blue & White

Brick Red 10%

10% Brick Red

Orange 20%

20% Orange

Purple & White 35%

35% Purple

Tan 10%

10% Tan

Dk & Lt Blue 20%

20% Dk & Lt Blue

Dk Gray & White 35%

35% Dk Gray & White

Purple 10%

10% Purple

Gold 20%

20% Gold

Green 10%

10% Green

Bright Red 10%

10% Bright Red


Rolls Of The Above Colors Are Available In These Thicknesses:

3/8” x 48” wide rolls. Standard in all 10%, 20% and 35% Colors 5/16” (8mm) x 48 wide rolls. Please call for stock items. ¼” x 48” wide rolls. Available in Black, 10% Grey or 10% Blue. Please call for special orders. 5/32” x 48” wide rolls. Standard in all 95% Colors.

We also have a limitless range of custom colors. Minimums apply. Please call for pricing.

There are also other colors available in products such as our Rubber Playground Mats:   To see Solid Color Tiles Click Here For Our Bright Colored Festival Line of Tile Click Here For Our Speckled Play Line Click Here   To see the rest of the rubber flooring product color range, check the page for each of the rubber flooring products as most of them display the colors or link to the color range in that variety of rubber flooring on the product page. If in doubt about whether or not a color you want in your rubber flooring is available, simply contact us on the form below or call us for more information

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